Buxa Tiger Reserve, West Bengal

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Jayanti, a small forest village at the fringe of Buxa Tiger Reserve is another beautiful tourist destination in the Dooars, North Bengal. It is situated on the bank of marvellous Jayanti river, which may give you a breathtaking look of the Himalayan mountain range in Bhutan, far away. So the combination of the both – river and the mountain range – makes it as beautiful as like a canvas created by some great artists. Name of the destination, Jayanti derived from the name of the river.

There had a steel made railway bridge over Jayanti river, which was built by the "East India Company" on 1915 for Dolomite transportation from the nearby hills to the other parts of India. But now you can see jus a ruin of some pillar and steel bar, in 1993 it is affected very much by a flood and almost broken down. At the time of construction, the bridge had maintain a height of 52 feet but now it is just with the land level. The river is near about filled with stone and soil here. Except that, flowers gardens in the bank of the river gives you a romantic feelings, here and there some little boys catches fish from the river – altogether it will gives you a journey to your dream land.

There has a forest bungalow, run by the WBFDC, where you can stay for the night. It is a very good and well-managed lodge. From the forest bungalow you can take a adventurous journey, after cross the river you should take a road journey for 4 kilometers to reach at chhoto mahakal temple. From there take another trip upwards towards baro mahakal temple and then sati-pith.

It is known as the one pith of famous 51 pith of Sati and it is popularly known that, upper limb of Sati maa is dropped here. There has another famous holy destination Pokhori, it is a pond of sweet and clean water. Both religious people of the Hindus and the Buddhists believed that it as a holy place. It is situated on the Pukhari hill, just 2 kilometer away from the Jayanti. The 13 kilometers trek from Buxaduar to Jayanti is especially popular for the all tourists who love adventures.


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