Jalpesh Temple

Jalpaiguri, West Bengal





Jalpesh Mandir is a famous temple of North Bengal located near Jalpaiguri town. The 350 year old temple of Lord Shiva was founded by Sri Bisu Singh, the father of Coochbehar's king Maharaja Narayan who later repaired it. It was then reconstructed by the erstwhile King of Coochbehar, Shri Prananarayan in he year 1663.

During the monsoon month (Hindu calendar month of Shravan), thousands of pilgrims from North Bengal and around flock to Jalpesh Mandir for puja, chanting ‘Bholey Bom’. During this time a large fair is organised around the temple complex.

Jalpesh Temple can be reached from Mainaguri. From Mainaguri bypass crossing, the temple is just 6 kms away. From Jalpaiguri town it is about 23 kms away. The nearest airport is Bagdogra about 75 kms away and the nearest rail station is Jalpaiguri road 25 kms.

The Jalpesh Temple is the main attraction here which is considered highly sacred by the Hindu disciples. The Teen Bigha Corridor near Haldibari area is also not very far from here and can be visited on the same day trip (35 kms from the temple).
Jarda river near the Jalpesh Temple is a small stream without much significance. Recently a depression occurred on part of the Jarda riverbed which created a small waterfall. This has now become another tourist attraction in the area.


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