Maqbara of Saadat Ali Khan

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

#Historical and Heritage




Before it came in the present form, the same place was the part of grand palace wherein Ghazi-ud-Din Haider used to reside, which was built by Saadat. Saadat Ali Khan was laid to rest where his son Ghazi-ud-Din Haider used to dwell. Later this residence turned into the present day tomb, which was denoted as Kaiser Bagh by the royal family.

The tomb consists of white and black colour marble squares. This is a rare combination found in any monument in India especially at places where the marbles were found in scarce quantity. The hall comes with the rectangular verandahs over the four sides that carry arched doorways. The verandahs over the southern and eastern sides have graves of the daughters and wives of Saadat Ali Khan. This tomb carries a big hemispherical kind of dome, which is flutted with narrow and regular types of ribbings. One of the interesting features of this dome is its symmetrical shape, which is accompanied by the elegant kiosks. You can find a Guldasta which adorns a finial on the top. 

You can find another tomb, which is placed just diagonally to the tomb over the south eastern side. This tomb belongs to Nawab’s wife called Mursheed Zadi. The building was started during the Nawab's reign just after his wife’s death, however, it was finally completed when he passed away. It was Ghazi-ud-din Haider, who took over this task and hence was responsible for completing the construction of these two tombs. 

The tombs were built up with characteristic special bricks called as Lakhuri Bricks and Chuman (special lime mortar).  It is decorated with stucco patterns and moldings, which make the tombs, appear aesthetically rich and the specimens of incredible Indo-Islamic based architecture symbolizing Nawabs era followed by the end of Mughal Empire. According to experts, though people are seen getting attracted to Imambara but this tomb is the culmination of art, aesthetics with rare designs. Architecturally, the stuff used to built this tomb is rare and that has surpassed others in terms of beauty and grandeur.

This tomb is located close to the beautiful Begum Hazrat Mahal Park. After taking a look inside this place, you can take a stroll and thus can enjoy your stay at this cultural city the best. There are several monuments close to this tomb, which gives you enough reason to visit there. Hence in this way, by visiting this place, you also have the option of reaching out to a number of other places as well as many of the travellers will mind visiting a secluded place and luckily this is not the case with this tomb. In this perspective you can call the Tomb of Saadat Ali Khan an interesting choice for all. There are lots of hotels and restaurants that are sprawled around this place wherein you can camp and have good food. In other words, it’s a perfect destination to have good time in your bon-voyage.    


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