Sphatik Shila

Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh





Sphatik Shila is a place with two massive rocks which are believed to have the footprints of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. Sphatik Shila literally means crystal rock and is located amidst dense forests, close to Janki Kund on the banks of river Mandakini. It is said that Sita and Rama were relaxing here and a crow pecked the feet of goddess Sita which agitated lord Rama and he took off the eyes of the crow, however the crow was actually a form of Jayant, son of Lord Indra.

Legend has it that the epic hero Ram and his wife Sita spent 11 years of their exile in Chitrakoot. It is but obvious that there will be many places in Chitrakoot that will be associated with their stay. The Sphatik Shila is one of them. Here both of them sat and admired the beauty of Chitrakoot. There is a large boulder which bears the impression of the feet of Lord Rama. It is the same spot where Sita was pecked by a crow. The crow was Jayant in disguise.

Description of Sphatik Shila

The place is no doubt quite and peaceful. The river Mandakini flows by. The water of the river is so crystal clear that you can see fishes moving about in water. Surely this is nature at its pristine best. The forests are dense and mysterious. One can climb the boulder to see the footprints of Lord Rama. Few temples are also to be seen.

How to reach Sphatik Shila

Chitrakoot is well connected by roads to all the major cities and towns of Madhya Pradesh. For those traveling by air the nearest airport is Khajuraho from where you can take a bus. The nearest Railway station is Chitrakoot Dham Karvi where many important trains halt. Taxis are available from Karvi to reach the main town area of Chitrakoot which is at a distance of 10 km. Of the local means of transportation that is available it is most convenient to take buses or cycle rickshaws.


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