Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh





Kamdgiri , Chitrakoot is the most prominent part of the shrine and of course circled all the faithful traveler Kamdgiri. Manashakunas are fulfilled by the devotees revolving around it. The main god of Kamdagiri is Lord Kamta Nath.

All the wishes of the devotees and devotees are fulfilled from its philosophy and parikrama only. That is why it is called Kamdagiri. The significance of this Giriraj is coming from time immemorial, but its importance has increased due to Lord Rama traveling here with the younger brother Laxman and Janak Nandini Sita in the exile period .

Kamdagiri is the most important place in Chitrakoot. After bathing with Ramghat, most people come to the main gate of Kamdagiri and start from here. The journey begins with Ramghat. Ramghat is the valley where Lord Ram used to bath regularly. On Ramghat at the confluence of Mandakini and Payshivini, Shri Ram used to give a dandarath to his father. This is the famous ferry which has been eaten about:

  • The crowd of Bhai Santan on the Ghat of Chitrakoot, Tulsidas Chandan Bhajan Tilak De Raghuveer.

The devotees who come to Chitrakoot, wishing to complete the five kms of Kamdagiri mountain, wish their wishes to be completed. In the Hanuman section on the mountain of Kamtanath located on the same mountain, this temple is said to be a huge statue of Hanuman ji in the water, the water falls due to the waterfall in the pond, it is said that this stream was made for the rest of Hanuman, which come from Lanka Dahan. Sita kitchen is above the Hanuman stream.


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