Guptar Ghat

Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh

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Guptar Ghat (Jetty) is built on the banks of River Sarayu. It is believed, by localites, that this is the place where Lord Ram took his last dip to end his life (‘jal Samadhi').

The other version is that this is the ghat where Lord Ram drowned himself and left this earth and gone back to his abode 'Vaikunta' as Lord Vishnu. Therefore the devotees believe that a dip in this ghat would relieve them from all their sins and liberate them from all their worldly worries. There are few steps to reach the flowing water in River Sarayu at this Guptar Ghat and some of the steps are immersed in water, depending upon the level of water which changes from time to time depending on the pressure from its upper source of water.

One need not wonder to witness innumerable devotees meditating, chanting Sanskrit hymns and prayers in their own or known languages. One common feature of all these prayer is the utterance of “Rama Rama”. One can also travel around the Raja Mandir and Chakra Harji Vishnu temple that are located in and around Guptar Ghat, which are well known.

Guptar Ghat is at 10km from Ayodhya and 5 km from Faizabad railway station. There are other Ghats said to have built in 19th century. The gardens will attract everyone who visits these ghats. One can take jolly boating from here and see the other attractions. The religiously important temples of Ram Janki, Charan Paduka, Narasingh and Hanuman are found on the Ghat. It is very interesting and attractive location for visitors.


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