Thai temple

Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh





A well known attraction in Sarnath, the Thai Temple displays the That style of architecture. The temple is set amongst beautiful gardens and is managed by Thai Buddhist Monks offering calm and peaceful surroundings.

The Thai monastery in Sarnath consists of around eight acres (3.5 hectares). The Lord Abbot is very supportive of our annual retreat. He provides the meditation hall, kitchen and sleeping accommodation. The Abbot also makes available 20 tents for those who wish to sleep outdoors during the retreat.

?The meditation centre is self-enclosed. It has undergone much modernisation in the past two years to the meditation cells, toilets and grounds.

?The mediation centre in the monastery is located at the very back on the far right hand side. It is a very private section with large meditation hall, cells, toilets and kitchen and gate to enter.

?We will be staying in the very locality of the Buddha's first teachings 2600 years. It is regarded as one of the great events of human history. We are still following in the footsteps of the Buddha. The Thai Monastery is a few minutes walk from the Buddha's first discourse on the Middle Way.

?It is  easy to travel to Varanasi from other stations in India. Cost of taxi from Varanasi station to Thai Temple, Sarnath is about 350 rupees ( 5 Euros) and 800 rupees (11 Euros) from Varanasi airport. 

?Many people with a love of the Buddha's teachings, spirituality, inquiry and meditation make a once a in a lifetime trip to the land of the Buddha.


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