Soor Sarovar

Agra, Uttar Pradesh





It is a small, but important bird sanctuary of Uttar Pradesh. It comprises of fresh water wetland, popularly known as Keetham jheel. Seeing the large number of migratory as well as resident birds arriving in this wetland year – after- Year, the area was declared a Sanctuary in 1991.

Unique for scenic beauty, religion-cultural heritage and rich assembling of fauna and flora, It has been named after Soordas – the great poet of Hindi literature, who was born blind and whose place of birth is said to be within the boundary of this sanctuary.

A huge lake surrounding by dense and luxuriant vegetation is a rare experience and picturesque sight in the semi-arid part of the country.

Situated close to the important city of Agra, this sanctuary, though small in size is very rich in avifauna. It is an important birding destination for ornithologists.


  • The place that ignited the passions of Lord Krishna and Radha and inspired the famed poet Soordas to compose the “Bhakti Kavya” one of the finest pieces of devotional poetry ever written.
  •  A heaven for birds that come here in their multitudes from far and wide, Soor Sarovar was declared a Bird Sanctuary in 1991.
  •  Soor Sarovar bird sanctuary covers an area of 7.97 sq km. Within the sanctuary there is a large lake covering area of 2.25sq km with depth wearing from 4 meter to 8 meter.
  •  Soor Sarovar is today home to more than 165 species of migratory and resident birds.
  •  U.P. Forest Department has created woodlands and developed the shallow areas for waders around the lake making it a veritable haven for birds, proof of which lies in the increasing number of nesting sites and the number of species.
  •  Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is listed as an important bird area (IBA) IN135 and is a proposed Ramsar site.
  •  Besides supporting numerous resident and migratory birds the sanctuary has around 300 pythons.
  •  Soor Sarovar has the biggest Bear Rescue centre for rescued dancing bears.


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