Baramura Eco Park

Baramura Hill Range, Tripura

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Surrounded by green hills, forests, a stream flowing through it... If this is the place you would not mind to be lost in, then Baramura Echo Park is the right choice for you. The place gets its name from Baramura range which is an important range of Tripura and a part of this beautiful range is now developed into a beautiful Park.

The main attraction of this Park are it's unique small hut structures, constructed by tribal people. These are called 'Hawa Ghar's, they connect different spots together with wooden bridges. The ventilation designed by bamboos let's the nature's cool breeze to enhance your mind.
It is located about 37km from Agartala. Baramura Eco Park is perfect destination for picnic parties, jungle trekking and is a great opportunity for children as well as adults to surrender oneself to nature. The trees, flowers orchids adds to it's beauty. Since there is no particular time to visit a Park but the best time to pay a visit to Baramura Park is during winter when the flowers bloom and it's colors add to the spark of the place.
This picture-perfect destination can be reached by local buses through which National Highway (NH44) connects Agartala to Guwahati via Shillong. Though there is no  facilities of accommodation nearby but visitors can stay in Agartala and complete the trip in a single day. So, of you are an Eco-lover, accommodation can never be an excuse to not visit this place of serenity and tranquility.

How to reach:

40 km away from capital Agartala by 44 no. national highway (NH 44) which connect Agartala to Guwhati via Shilong. Buses are available from chandrapur bus stand which is 5 km away from Agartala city. Car can hire to visit park and it will take  one hour to reach there in Echo Park by personal vehicle.

Best time to visit:

Parks are always the best place to visit in all season


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