Heritage Park

Agartala, Tripura





Heritage park is the largest park in city of Agartala, Tripura. It is a beautiful site to visit in the heart of the city which provides a calm and serene atmosphere. It is located in Agartal city, at a distance of 3 Kms from city centre.

The heritage parl has replicas of different historical monuments with replication of all famous places in Tripura. Spread over twelve acres of land, the park is really well maintained. 

By entering, there are miniature representations of nine major heritage sitesof Tripura and includes Neermahal, Unakotihill sculptures, Chaturdash Devta Mandir, Ujjayanta Palace, Mahamuni, Chandrapur Mosque,archaeological relics of Pilak Debtamura hill sculptures and Tripura Sundari Temple. To add to the beauty, there are indigenous trees,and exquisite flora and fauna. One will also find a number of artefacts including wood craft, stone crafts, pottery and heritage benches. One can walk on the narrow trails and explore the park’s beauty further. 

It remains open on all days of the week during timings: 3. 00 PM - 8. 00 PM.


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