Kohima Museum

Kohima, Nagaland

#Historical and Heritage




The museums of Kohima preserve the ancient memoirs and other significant events and incidents of Nagaland.


One of the major attractions of Kohima, the Naga state museum beautifully exhibits the evolution of the Nagas and its culture. Situated at a distance of 2 kms. from the main town, and located on the Bayavu Hill, the Naga state Museum is like a house that stores articles which is rich in value due to its historic significance. The articles and belongings stored in the museum belonged to different tribes and sub-tribes of the state. 

The major attraction of the museum is the different types of artifact items which was used by the Naga tribes long back. The collection consists of precious stones, jewellery, musical instruments, traditional costumes, baskets and other items made of bamboo and buffalo horns, etc. Naga Morung which is the traditional hut models can also be found in the museum gallery.

The museum makes up for the lack of any kind of Naga documentary that give full information on the evolution of the Naga tribe and its place. It can be found out from the museum that the villages in Nagaland were located on hilltops. The reason behind this was to keep an eye on the foes that might approach their land. The architectural variations amongst the tribes to be seen is just mind blowing. Each and every tribe has its own different idea and architectural brilliance which can easily be seen from the museum preserving. The musical instruments displayed are also some of the great hand works of the Naga people and it clearly proves the rapt of the Naga people for music. Some of the Naga musical instruments that can be seen here are Tati ( single stringed instrument), log drum and other such instruments made up of wood and buffalo horns, these instruments are also used in festivals and fairs. The museum also consists of an art gallery that has a huge collection of different kinds of paintings.

Quick Facts

Timings to visit the Museum : 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Closed on :  all Holidays and Mondays except Sundays


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