Dzukou Valley

Viswema Village, Nagaland

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Dzükou Valley, also known as Valley of Lillies is a place of celestial beauty. It is drained by the Dzükou River. Unlike popular legend, the valley wasn't formed by meteorite impact. Differential rock weathering lead to the formation of the valley, around 2-4 million years ago. The landscape is dominated by graceful hillocks, their rounded tops rolling farther, in un-ordered rows and disappearing in the horizon. Just after the monsoon, hundreds of fuchsia Dzükou lillies fill the valley. The Angami Tribe of Nagaland are the principal inhabitants of the valley.

The word Dzükou is originally derived from the Viswema dialect of the Angamis which means "Soulless and Dull" referring to when some ancestors of Viswema who moved out to establish a new village in Dzükou, due to the unfavorable weather conditions they were unable to harvest crops which led them to say "the valley is very beautiful but is dull and soulless".

A common misconception is that Dzükou derives its meaning from the Angami word which translates to "Cold Water" referring to the ice cold stream that flows through the valley.


The main entry is from the foothills of Viswema village where one can travel to the rest house above Mt. Teyozwü by a Tata Sumo taxi. From here one has to climb forty minutes to the top of the mountain. This is where Dzükou starts but the main valley is still another two hours walk away. One can exit the valley from the same route but if one is planning to come back by foot the Jakhama route is shorter.

It can also be reached in five hours of trek from Mt. Isü(Tempü) of Senapati district of Manipur. Trek from the former route is about 17 km and takes longer and is less challenging, however mind the stone cut staircases in the middle. The later route is more challenging but you get to reach the guest house in just about 4–5 hours. From the guest house the valley is visible and its just about 45mins walk downhills. The new five-hour trek route was opened by MMTA (Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association).

There are many NGOs and adventure tour operators, who organize treks to the Dzükou Valley. There is a Helipad just next to the Guest house however no service is seen in the last few years.


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