Pancha Ratana Temple

Bishnupur, Manipur





The beautiful terracotta Panch Ratana temple was constructed by King Raghunath Singh. The artistically pleasing 17th century temple was dedicated to Shyam Rai and is known for exquisite floral patterns.

It stands on a low square plinth and consists of a ambulatory pathway with a porch opened by three arches on the four sides of the temple. The central sikhara is octagonal, while the rest four are square. The walls are richly decorated with terracotta carvings featuring aspects of Lord Krishna’s life.

Amongst the many religious sites that adorn the land of Bishnupur, the Pancha Ratna Temple is one that clearly portrays the cultural richness that was present in the olden ages of Manipur. The temple on account of being an ancient monument, exhibits architectural styles and features that was prevalent in those times when it was actually built.

The interiors and exteriors along with the terracotta designing done on them deliver an outstanding appearance out of the monument and that the carvings are the basic attractions that fetch tourists and visitors from far off places. Some of them come to offer their homage to the deity whereas the others simply come to cherish the beauty.



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