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Ajanta Caves

The Ajanta Caves are about 29 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments which date from the 2nd century BCE to about 480 or 650 CE in Aurangabad distri..

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Anjarle Beach | Kadyavarcha Ganpati

The Ganesh temple is situated in Anjarle village near Dapoli. It was first constructed with wood in 1150AD and then reconstructed between 1768-1780. I..

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Bhaja Caves | Bhaje Caves

The Karla and Bhaja caves are among the oldest caves in India and date back all the way to 160 B.C. and are situated near Lonavala in Maharashtra. The..

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Bhimashankar Temple

The Bhimashankar temple is a composite of old and new structures in the Nagara style of architecture. It shows the excellency of the skills achieved..

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Bhuleshwar Temple

Bhuleshwar is a Hindu temple of Shiva, situated around 45 kilometres from Pune and 10 km from Pune Solapur highway from Yawat. The temple is si..

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Devagiri / Daulatabad Fort

Devgiri Fort is a 14th century fort situated in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. I am about 16 kilometers from Aurangabad. People know me as Daul..

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Devgad Fort

Devgad Fort offers tourist one of the most amazing sights to witness. It is located in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. It's location just at the..

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Elephanta Caves

The Elephanta Caves contain rock cut stone sculptures, that show syncretism of Hindu and Buddhist ideas and iconography. The caves are hewn from solid..

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Ellora Caves

Ellora  in Maharashtra, India, is one of the largest rock-cut monastery-temple cave complexes in the world, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, fea..

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Gandharpale / Pale Caves

Gandharpale Caves is group of 30 Buddhist caves, 105 km south of Mumbai on Mumbai Goa Highway near Mahad. The caves are located near the NH-17..

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Ghrushneshwar / Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

Grishneshwar temple, sometimes referred to as the Ghrneshwar Jyotirlinga or Dhushmeshwar temple, is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines mentioned i..

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Gondeshwar Temple | Sinnar

Weathered by the wind and sun for centuries, one such splendid black-stone temple is Sri Gondeshwar at the north east of Sinnar town. The place is 26 ..

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Gopalgad Fort & Anjanvel Lighthouse

The fort is spread over an area of 7acres. The Fort is rectangular in shape with a dry moat on all the sides.The Fort walls are 12 feet high and 8feet..

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Harishchandragad Fort

The fort is quite ancient. Remnants of Microlithic man have been discovered here. The various Puranas (ancient scriptures) like Matsyapurana, Agnipur..

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Hedvi Ganesh Temple & Beach

This 'Laxmi – Ganesh Temple' is not only ancient but also rare. This temple may have been erected in the period of Peshwa. The deity has been founde..

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The temple is dedicated to Khandoba, also known as Mhalsakant or Malhari Martand or Mylaralinga. Khandoba is regarded as the 'God of Jejuri' and i..

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Junnar Caves

Junnar caves are also an important destination for the Buddhist pilgrims, not very far from Mumbai and Pune, these caves are situated in Aurangabad di..

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Kanheri Caves

They contain Buddhist sculptures and relief carvings, paintings and inscriptions, dating from the 1st century BCE to the 10th century CE. Kanheri come..

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Karla Caves

The Karla Caves, Karli Caves, Karle Caves or Karla Cells, are a complex of ancient BuddhistIndian rock-cut caves at Karli near Lonavala, Maharashtra...

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Korlai Fort & Lighthouse

This fort was built in 1521 by the Portuguese with the permission of the Ahmednagar sultanate. In 1521, taking advantage of the confusion in the af..