Aare Ware Beach

Ganpatipule, Maharashtra





Aare-Ware is a safe and blue water beach in Ratnagiri. It is located near Ganapatipule.  The road travels past a high cliff, below which the sea waves ferociously lap without pause. It is blessed with a heavenly seashore with a clear view for miles across the blue waters was not known to many. But thanks to the new, shorter road being built to connect Ratnagiri and Ganpatipule, Aare-Ware has found a place for itself on the tourism map of Konkan.

A beach with complete tranquility and serenity which refreshes the mind from the humdrum life of urban lifestyle. The beautiful Aare-Ware lies on the coastal line in the district of Ratnagiri. Aare-Ware Beach is located around 8km from Ganapatipule

Here the nature strikes a direct contact with through the splashing waves and calm surroundings. Though Aare-Ware beaches are mesmerizing, they are not very famous. So, one can hardly see any human activities on this sea shore. Here the sea is also very calm and ideal for swimming. Anyhow, one should be careful while playing in the beach as no one will be there to rescue in case of an emergency.

Since this is an unexplored beach, the water is very clean and the shores are pristine without any garbage. The way to the beach is connected by the Sakhartar Bridge. This quite a long beach is an isolated one covered with white sand and offers a breath taking view of the sunset. The lush green vegetation of Konkan surrounding the beaches act as an 'icing on the cake'. Therefore, Aare-Ware Beach is one of the most scenic and quaint destinations in Maharashtra.


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