Baz Bahadurs Palace

Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

#Historical and Heritage




Baz Bahadur Palace is one of the prominent tourist attraction at Mandu tourist destination. Its name is derived from Mandu ruler Baz Bahadur who was fond of music and art and was in deep love of his wife Roopmati. During his rule time, Mandu was in it peak. Palace is located on hill slope with scenic surrounding.

It is about 95 kms west of Indore city and easily accessible by road. Baz Bahadur palace is a interesting blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture and style. Its name Baz Bahadur has been derived from the name of ruler Baz Bahadur who was fond of music and art. During his rule, Mandu was at its peak. This palace was actually built far before Baz Bahadur came into power. Inscription at the palace entrance gate describes its construction to Sultan Nasiruddin Shah in AD 1508-09.

The main gateway to the palace is approached by 40 broad steps with landings in intervals. The passage through gateway have the rooms for guards which is having vaulted ceiling. This passage have arched designs on both the ends which gives it a artistic look and it leads to the outer court of the palace. This outer court can also be reached by main doorway. On main part of the palace we will find open court which is having beautiful fountain in middle. All four sides have halls and rooms. These halls are used for different purpose like meetings with public, meetings with administrative officers etc. If we look at the north of the Baz Bahadur palace, we will find an octagonal pavilion with arches which overlooks an garden area where marks of history can still be seen. Their are steps that lead to spacious terrace with boundaries which offers a breathtaking view of Roopmati Pavilion in foreground and beautiful countryside view.



Mandu is just 95 kms west of Indore city. Nearest airport for reaching Mandu monuments is Devi Ahilya Bai Airport which is also commonly known as Indore Airport. It has direct flight connectivity with Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi etc. We offer Indore airport taxi service for traveling from Indore to Mandu.


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