Dinman Hardaul's Palace

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh





Orchha is the land full of stories and legends. Palaces to cenotaphs each brick and wall has some tale to narrate and amaze the tourists in the magnificent medieval town. One of the most fascinating tales is that of Dinman Hardaul. The melancholy yellow palace which is now transformed into a buzzing shopping arcade was once the residence of erstwhile king Jujjhar’s brother-Dinman Hardaul. Right beside the palace is a small temple with the idol of Hardaul who is worshiped by the locals and believed to be very much alive.

Hardaul, the popular prince was resented by Jhujjar who further suspected his wife of having an illicit relationship with him. Due to a rumour fuelled by Emperor Shah Jahan, Jhujjar asked his wife to poison Hardaul to prove her innocence and Hardol without hesitation consumed it to die. Another story reveals, at the time of Jujjhar’s niece’s wedding, his sister asked for the king’s help; who sarcastically asked her to seek the dead Hardaul. The dead prince is believed to attend the wedding and served the guests as well. The locals still exclaim that even today Hardaul attends weddings when invited to grant his blessings. A stack of numerous wedding cards can be seen lying on the doors of his temple.