Lal Baag Palace

Indore, Madhya Pradesh





The palace is one of the most prominent buildings of architecture in Indore and is situated on the bank of river khan.

Palace represents the desirable life style and the inventive eye of the Holkars with beautiful surrounding around the palace which reflects there lifestyle. The main purpose of building the palace was to make a meeting place of the important personalities of the Kingdom and for holding the celebrations held there, many Royal reception also took place in this palace.

The Lalbagh palace grew in the reigns of three princes. First was King Tukoji Rao, from year 1844 to 1886, who started it. Second one is King Shivaji Rao, from 1886 to 1903, who continue it. Third was King Tukoji Rao-3rd, from year 1903 to 1926. he loved the place so much that even though he abdicated in 1926, he stayed there on till his death in 1978. Because of its unique style of construction this palace is considered as the most stylist residence in India. The palace is spread over an area of 28 hectares.

The entrance gates of the palace are the copy of Buckingham palaces, gate of queen of London, which are very magnificent and worth to be seen. Spring-mounted floor in ballroom, marble columns, chandeliers, stained glass windows and stuffed tigers add to the splendor of the palace. In this three story building, the ground floors entrance hall is made of marble displaying the prehistorical architecture. There is a huge collection of coins in the first floor which are related with the ancient Muslim period. The rooms of this palace are built in European style and are heavily embellished in European Berauky and Rococo style. Bed rooms of the palace are watch able when the royal families live there they are made up of Gold, Silver, Glass and Sheesham wood. The gates were shaped in the cast iron. The kitchen of the palace was also constructed in an unique style. It was made on the other side bank of the river near Gopal Bagh. kitchen was made by making the path on the river and is well was connected to the palace by a well lighted underground tunnel.

The ballroom of the palace has wooden floor mounted on springs for extra bounce.There are many secret shrines present in the palace. The rooms of the palace have now been restored and furnished. Palace boasts of a very unique and impressive style of architecture. If technical terms are of interest to the visitors, then the architecture is a blend of Renaissance, Palladian and Baroque .The whole complex has a total area of 28 acres and at one time had one of the best rose gardens of the country.


Lalbagh Palace in Indore city is open for visitors from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Monday Closed). Just like all other museums & monuments that comes under Archeological Department of Madhya Pradesh, it remains closed in every Monday.


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