Kadmat, Lakshadweep

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The Bangaram Island Beach Resort opened to tourism in 1974, but the lack of commercial flights made access difficult. Tourism took off after the Agatti Aerodrome on the nearby Agatti island was commissioned and regular commercial flights from Kochi were established.

Bangaram Island, also known as Bunnagara in the local language, is an atoll which surrounds a lagoon formed by the Arabian Sea. The small island encompasses an area of 1.234 km sq filled with the many elements of natural beauty. Truly enchanting and mesmerizing beyond one can explain, Bangaram island is one of the least explored parts of the Lakshadweep islands. There is only one beach resort on the island, and the modernisation lies miles away from this island making it a perfect destination to cut out from the outer world.

Bangaram Island is known for its pristine beaches, the vibrant coral reefs, many different fishes and few of the adventure sports. It is an uninhabited island located at a distance of 12 km from the Agatti island. Boats and ferries are available from Agatti that will take you the Bangaram in just 15-20 minutes. Tourists require a special permit to enter the island with the confirmed stay if they want to stay here overnight. 

The best way to explore this island is to make your stay at the Agatti island lying just 12 km away from Bangaram and explore this atoll on a day trip from Agatti. There are several options of stay at the Agatti resorts. Also, the only resort of the island is under litigation, and hence it has been shut down for a while.


Things to do in Bangaram Island

This may come as a surprise to you, but there is absolutely no place to visit in Bangaram Island, which is the forte of this location. There is no disturbance, no noises, no modern amenities and fancy places to disrupt your peaceful trip. Owing to its secluded location, Bangaram island is best meant for a romantic getaway or a peaceful holiday. 

You can spend your time relaxing on the white sand beaches of the island dotted with the palm trees. Enjoy beautiful landscapes of endless blue sea and lagoons while you soak the sun on the shores. However, you can enjoy a variety of watersports on the island. Scuba diving to explore the coral reefs, snorkeling and deep sea fishing are the best activities to do on the island.

Natural Vegetation in Bangaram Island

If you are exploring the underwater world of the Bangaram Island, then you will come across some of the most vivid aquatic species. You can spot a variety of unique animals such as Asian dolphins, eels, frogfish, octopus and turtles at this atoll along with a variety of tropical fish such as an angel, clown, butterfly, surgeon, snappers. When it comes to terrestrial beauty, the whole island is covered with the palm and coconut trees adorning the shores of the Arabian sea. If lucky, you can spot the animals that inhabit the island such as porcupines, parrots, pufferfishes, hermit crabs and sea birds.


How to Reach Bangaram Island

Take a ferry ride from Agatti Island, which is located 12 km from the Bangaram.


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