Kalpeni Island

Kadmat, Lakshadweep

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Sunlight on the water causes it to sparkle and flash like a million aquamarines. Koomel, the gently curving bay where the tourist facilities are located, directly over- looks Pitti and Thilakkm, two of the islands. Here you can swim, reef walk, snorkel or use water sports equipment like kayaks, and sail boats.

Kalpeni is part of an atoll, which also features two small islets of Tilakkam and Pitti and the island of Cheriyam in the north. What makes Kalpeni distinct is the presence of a huge storm bank of coral debris along its shoreline, mainly on the eastern and southeastern sides. These huge coral boulders are said to have been thrown on the shores during a violent storm in 1847.

The island is socially progressive, and to ones amazement, it was this place where girls first went to school at the time when women's education was believed as a taboo. It offers many activities for adventure-seekers like swimming, snorkeling and reef-walking in the vast lagoon. Kayaking, sailboating and pedal boating are the water sports available on the island. Koomel Beach, which features two bathing huts with change rooms, is a popular attraction of the place.

Kalpeni is an important part of Coral Reef package. Tourists can avail services from a travel agent in Lakshadweep to visit the island in a convenient manner.


How to get there

Four all weather ships M.V. Bharatseema, M.V Tipusultan, M.V Aminidivi and M.V Minicoy operate between Kochi and the islands. Indian Airlines also operate flight from Kochi to Agatti Island every day except sunday.

Food & Cuisine

Spiced coconut-rich Vegetarian & Non vegetarian food. Curried, fried and barbecued fish.


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