Pitti Island | Pitti Bird Sanctuary

Agatti, Lakshadweep

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Pitti is an important nesting place for pelagic birds such as the sooty tern, the greater crested tern and the brown noddy. The birds nest side by side, but not intermixed, on the dry coral rubble. There is a seasonal pattern in the breeding period of the birds. Since it has no protecting reef surrounding it, the islet is periodically rinsed by wave action and there is no accumulation of guano on it.

Pitti Bird Sanctuary is a small reef that is approximately 24 north-west of Kavaratti, is one of the major tourist attractions of Lakshadweep and there’s a lot of concern related to this island and the government has taken a lot of initiatives for the very same. This place is a joyous ride for the bird lovers. You have them in thousands and over and to see them migrate is simply wow, it doesn’t need any sort of embellishing for its marketing.

You just need to be here if you love the wildlife and you have so many birds and varieties that you get to see here. This is the only place in all of India where you have terns coming in, you have a lot of oceanic birds here. You can’t use air travel to be dropped here, as there is no rock solid ground for the same. You can use the boats. The people here are very sweet and take care of the sanctuary, which was recently termed so, because the government wanted it to be safe and no harm to come over it, which comes under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.


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