Sathodi Falls

Yellapur, Karnataka





Sathodi Falls is a wonderful and picturesque rectangular shaped waterfall in the Uttara Kannada region in Yellapur district. The place is less packed with tourists, but indeed a beautiful waterfall to sight. The water falls from a height of 15m and forms a pool beneath. The stream of water contains a jumble of rocks and sometimes impossible to approach Sathodi Falls.

In between the bushes and the rocky terrain, there are small pathways leading to the waterfalls. The water flow is formed by the union of many other rivers that flow to Kallarmane Ghat, in Uttara Kannada region. The water that forms the waterfalls then flows into the River Kali through the Dam Kodasalli. The waterfall is found amidst the Ghats and the evergreen forests that truly bring out the marvelous beauty of the waterfall. Sathodi Falls is not very approachable because of the rocks.

Sathodi Falls is the embodiment of natural beauty that is admired by many. The rock formations around the waterfalls form a natural enclosure with the bountiful greenery and the clear and crystal water below. The waterfall has water all-around the year. Being fed by multiple tributaries the waterfall always has water. The water body formed below is ideal for a dip. One can enjoy the cool waters and swim through the clear water. The serene place is ideal for a picnic.


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