Koormagad / Kurumgad Island

Koormagad, Karnataka





Kurumgad Beach is a tortoise shaped Island and is located about 4 km away from Karwar. Kurumgad Beach is very popular for the Narasimha temple, which becomes a major attraction for religious thousands of devotees who visit the temple at the time of the annual fair, which takes place during the Pushya Purnima in January.

The Kurumgad beach is just the place where nature lovers would love to go to as it sports unspoilt stretches of sand. The beauty of the beach is very much intact. Lying amidst popular destinations like Goa, Bangalore and Panaji and present in the Uttara Kannada region, quite close to the Karwar Beach, this is definitely a place to visit for those who like to relax on white sands, away from work and other common trivialities.

The sight of this beach is typical of the western coastline with a numerous number of palm trees and a unique greyish sea colour. This place is sure to attract both the young and the old alike as adventurous youngsters can opt for water sports in this place while older people can opt for a calm walk along the coast.

Activities and Things to Do

The activities that you can embark on in this poetic beach are abundant. The trip to the beach is through a boat ride from the Sadhashivgad jetty which is on the backwaters of the river Kali at Karwar. This is mainly because the Kurumgad Island, in which the beach is present, lies 4 km from the mainland and 1 km from the Devbagh Beach at Karwar.

The beach is known for its other popular games including swimming in the attractive seas, fishing, and beach volleyball along the coastline, snorkelling, tidal pool and boat rides. A visit to the abandoned light house and the view from the top could be an unforgettable experience for many.

A famous Narasimha temple is present at this region on the top of a hill and many devotees throng to this site in January for an annual yatra.


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