Anjadip | Anjadiva Island

Anjadip, Karnataka

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Anjediva Island is an island in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Canacona in the South Goadistrict, Goa, India. Legally and constitutionally, it remains a part of Goa, although there is a widespread misconception that it is a part of the Karnataka state off whose coast it lies.

On the island are located Angediva Fortress, built by the Portuguese, and the shrines of Our Lady of Brotas and São Francisco de Assis. The island is now connected to the mainland by a breakwater and is part of a large naval INS Kadamba base, based on the outskirts of Karwar city, on the coast of the border state of Karnataka and is under the direct jurisdiction of the Indian Navy.

Anjediva, as Portuguese territory, was used by the Christians and Hindus of the mainland as a refuge during the invasion of the coastal kingdoms of Bednore and Soonda by Tipu Sultan, who had created the new state of Khodadad after usurping the throne from the Maharaja Wodeyars of the Kingdom of Mysore. The Saraswat Brahmins on the island who could not bear this horrendous inquisition and mass destruction of temples done of by the Portuguese had no other option, rather to shift the deity to a neighboring place, now called Karnataka. The temple of Shri Aryadurga is located in the North of Karnataka, in a place called Ankola.


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