Om Beach

Gokarna, Karnataka

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Om Beach is shaped as two semi crescents joined together forming the shape of Om (Hindu Symbol) hence the name Om beach. Tourists can enjoy the banana boat, surfing, jet skiing etc. on this beach. The beach has a breathtaking view of the sunset.  For someone who loves the beach, Om beach is a must visit. The long stretch of white sandy beach adjoining the rocky terrain is excellent and appealing to the eyes.

The beach is not always crowded yet for those who love to spend their precious lone time can find the place intimidating. The various sports and entertainment activities keep the people engaged here on the beach. The beach is perfect to indulge in parasailing, and other adventure sports to chill the vacation time.

Other famous beaches in Gokarna are the Kudlu beach, Paradise beach, and the Half Moon beach. These beaches are reached via boat. These beaches are more of secluded yet visited by tourists all year along.


Fun Activities to do on the Om Beach

Innumerable activities can be taken up on the Om beach while on holiday. Even perfect cottages are available to enjoy a perfect night stay at the beach. Relishing a perfect vacation on the banks of the beach would be an ideal vacation.

Banana Boat Ride:  Favorable wind and clear water make the beach a perfect place to resort to Banana boat ride. The picturesque location enveloped with coconut groves make it an ideal location to enjoy the sun and the sand. The banana boat ride is the most trending activity which everyone can enjoy as a group. Tourists can enjoy the enthralling waves in a venturous way. For safety lifeguards and divers are always available.

Bumper Boat Ride: Enjoy the bumpy ride on the thrashing waves of the beach. A complete beach ride for 15 minutes will sure keep you engaged and gripped. A bumper boat is attached to the speed boat to take around the beach. Special safety lessons are conducted to assure safety.

Dolphin Spotting: Bluish water is one hot spot to watch for dolphins. The guides take tourists to spot humpback dolphins. Dolphins are quite sharp in recognizing human sounds, hence one should be quick enough to spot them. Once you spot dolphins flitting in and out of the water, tourist can take plenty of photos to cherish.

Fishing Trips: Fishing is quite an enticing activity. Tourists can enjoy a ride to the ocean and drop a hook and wait for a catch. As you engage in fishing, you can relish the beauty of the aquamarine waters.

Jet Skiing:  This beach in Gokarna is an ideal beach to engage in Jet skiing. Speeding through the glazing blue waters and curating memories would be an ideal way to beguiling vacation.

Beachside trekking: Trekking on the rocky terrain beside the beach with the enchanting waves caressing on the way up is perfect. The beach side is drenched by the roaring waves on the sides through the luscious green forests and bushes. The walk is indeed a pleasurable experience to cherish.

Speed boating: Boating is always an idyllic way to spend on the beach. To experience and succumb the precious coastline and forget oneself in the mesmerizing sea. Speed boats will take you for a round trip and let you adore the beauty.


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