Netarhat Hill Station

Netarhat, Jharkhand

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Netarhat literally means “heart of nature” is a beautiful hill resort covered with thick virgin forests, barren rocks and verdant hillocks. The scenic beauty of Netarhat refreshes the body and soul of every tourist with its laid down beauty. The amazing landscape of the hill, beauty of the cascading waterfall, dense forest and the smell of nature is the prime attraction for tourists. Breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset are adds-on.

Falling in the Latehar district of Jharkhand, Netarhat is popularly known as the Queen of Chotanagpur. It is best known for the sunrise and sunset views it offers.

When travelling by road from Ranchi to Netarhat, you will literally cross seven hills on your way and a little more than 96 miles. It is the highest point of the Chotanagpur plateau. Netarhat comes under the tag of lesser known tourist places. Being lesser known works wonders for its visitors, the most beautiful part about Netarhat is its rawness, there is a beauty in its austerity, in just standing at a height and looking at the far spread lush jungles, in letting the air brush your hair. Standing so close to nature, in that backdrop, all you need to do is take a few deep breathes and you'd just start feeling, life's good.

Magnolia Point – Just 10 Km from Netarhat, Magnolia Point is known for its stunning sunset view, the memory of which lingers in the mind of every tourist for years to come.
Upper Ghagri Water Fall – Just 4 Km from Netarhat, this cascading waterfall makes it an ideal picnic spot for the tourist. Inside a beautiful valley the overflowing waters of Netarhat Dam makes a small yet charming waterfall.

Lower Ghagri Water Fall – Just 10 Km from Netarhat, this stunning waterfall pours deep down to about 320 ft. Situated inside the lush green forest, this majestic waterfall is an epitome of scenic beauty. One has to reach this waterfall passing through such dense deep forest which even sun rays find difficult to pierce.

View Tower – View Tower is situated near Forest Bungalow, from where scenic beauty of Netarhat seems to be an out of this world experience.

Lodh Fall – Situated about 61 Km from Netarhat deep in to the forests the river Burha makes a stunning and majestic water fall of about 468 feet height and is known to be the highest waterfall of Jharkhand. The thundering sound of the fall is audible even 10 kms from it. The spectacular sight of the fall explains the greatness of nature.

Koel View Point – Just 3 Km from Netarhat, this place offers a stunning view of the Koel River. View of the adjoining hills, green valleys and the river below presents a mesmerizing view which lingers in the mind of every tourist.

Sadani Water Fall – Just 35 Km from Netarhat and surrounded by hills, hillocks, forest this serpentine water fall has a beauty of its own.


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