Mamleshwar Temple

Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir





This was dedicated to Shiva and was called Mamalishwara. It is said that Ganesh was placed as doorkeeper not to allow any one to enter the temple without his permission. So it was called Mam Mal - Don't go. There is a priest to look after the temple. In summer the place is regularly visited by the populace of Pahalgam.

Mamaleshwar is an important place of worship in Pahalgam. The temple dates back to 400 A.D and is mainly devoted to Lord Shiva. Legends say that it was this blessed site where Lord Ganesha was kept as a door-guard to prevent anyone from getting inside. Owing to such facts, Mamleshwar is also referred as Mammal temple (Mam Mal- Don’t go). The presiding deity inside the temple is a Shiva linga with a water-spring. The sacred complex also has a shrine that is entirely festooned with gold, and was put-up during the rule of a former king. The temple is elevated at a height of 8800 ft above the sea level, on the banks of Kolahoi stream, the source of Lidder River. Pay a visit to this pious shrine and rebuild your faith in the almighty.


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