Tomb of Ahmed Shah

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

#Historical and Heritage




The founder of Ahmedabad in Gujarat in India is Ahmed Shah. In Ahmedabad near the Jama Masjid lies the Tomb of Ahmed Shah. The architectural extravagance and exquisite artwork makes the Tomb of Ahmed Shah, Ahmedabad simply a class apart.

The mosque has the tomb of Ahmad Shah I, the founder of Ahmedabad in centre. It was completed by his son Muhhamad Shah (1442 to 1451) in 1414, and who is buried to his left. His grandson Qut ud-Din Shah (1451–1458) is buried to his right. The tombs of his other grandsons Jalal Khan and Sultan Ahmad II are also there. The tomb of Ahmed Shah's brother is outside of the main chamber. On Ahmed Shah's tomb flowers and 'chadars' are still offered.



The mosque has the main square building with large central dome. There are four chambers at all four corners with smaller domes. The tombs are in centre. The chamber is lit with delicately carved stone screens, (jaalis).

Women are not allowed to enter, and men must cover their heads before entering. There are also tombs of a few ministers laid across the road.


Naubat is a traditional orchestra which announced arrival and departure of the king, welcomed dignitaries, marked beginning of wars and special occasions like birth, death or marriage of Royals. They were also time keepers of the city. Naubat is still played as a remembrance of Ahmed Shah near the tomb. The ninth generation of Naubat musicians plays nagara and shehnai every day at Naubat Khana, a drum room above the entrance of the tomb. They played Naubat at evening to announce the sunset and at night to announce the closing of the gates of fort during royal times. They are played at 19:30 (or sunset) and 23:00 IST every day. On Thursday and Friday three more Naubats are played; 09:00, 12:00 and 15:00 IST.


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