Bhavnath Shiv Temple

Junagadh, Gujarat





This Lord Shiva Temple is very pious and considered as important as any of the 12 jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. It is situated right on the foothills of Girnar. I don’t know about its legend but on Mahashivaratri day Naga Sadhus who meditate in Himalayas come here to celebrate this festival. Even Morari Bapu the famous saint celebrates Mahashivaratri here.

The Bhavnath Mahadev temple is a shrine ensconced in myths and legends of the Puranic era, at the base of Mount Girnar in Bhavnath village. The Shiva ling here is said to have emerged of its own divine intention. Reportedly, when Shiva and Parvati were traveling over the Girnar Hills their divine garment fell over the present Mrigi Kund, making this place an auspicious site for lord Shiva worshipers.

Often referred to as one of the most sought after holy places of Junagadh in Gujarat, Bhavnath Mahadev temple is situated at the foot of the Girnar Hills. There isn’t much of information on its origin, nevertheless the historic evidences of the temple has been vividly described in many religious sculptures and stories.

The place is particularly famous for the Bhavnath fair, which is visited by devotees from around the world. The temple has been believed to have stood here at Junagadh from ancient times. Bhavanath is a small village located in the state of Gujarat in Junagadh, India. The temple is located in the neighbouring area of Girnar mountain range which is near to Girnar Taleti. From Girnar Taleti one has to reach the temple by foot climbing up to the Girnar hills.


The Bhavnath Mahadeva temple existence dates back to the ancient era and its story is found in the Puranic era. The temple is dedicated to worshipping Lord Shiva and it is believed that the Shiva Lingam present here was born out of the divine intention of making this place, a place of worship of Lord Shiva. As per the story about the place as mentioned in many Hindu religion scriptures, Once a while Lord Shiva nad his beloved Parvati were crossing the Girnar hills and then inadvertently their sacrosanct garment fell on the Mrigi Kund and from then this place became an auspicious location to worship Lord Shiva.

To celebrate the purity of the place, even today, naked sadhus here take bath in the Mrigi Kund before the celebration of Mahashivaratri. The Bhavnath Mahadev temple itself is so ancient that the story of its origin is not known to people.


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