Jesal Toral Samadhi

Bhuj, Gujarat

#Historical and Heritage




Anjar Tomb of Jesal Toral is very popular. In fact it is held that this tomb has played massive role in bringing fame to this tiny yet impressive town. This tomb or Samadhi boasts of intricate carvings. The carvings are very refined and a true delight to the soul of the art lovers. Apart from relishing the splendor of the Tomb of Jesal Toral in Anjar you will also enjoy the beauty of the bungalow of James Mcmurdo, Ajaypal Temple and the Holy Shrine of Pinjora Pir.

There are more than five hundred years ago Jesal Toral and the story of Sati. Seth is a popular with the wealthy horse-trader Sadhir Toral joined in devotion. Toralis a primitive 15th century was a remarkable woman. Who is the owner of Ramapir Stout, a townof Saurashtra (Ranuja) became the devotee.

At some point between the years1546 to live out Jesal, 1620Maha Vad 13 or Maha Samadhi (Hindu festival) takes. Sati Toral Savra Mandap (religious gathering of all the local people) in attendance, along with the devotees of the Holy Communion with Nijiya Panth in Girnar on a forumon race, color,and gender) and without any discrimination.

Sati Toral, Jesal live trance to be taken on hearing the news, he was immediately on the second day. At this point Rupande Maldev and Nijiya Panth come to worshipers reaching in the town of Anjar and by the promise of marriage to Sati. Jesal Jadeja was SatiI Toral Jesal spiritualism of the trial. Jesal  Toral sainty couple was within the middle Ages.

Jesal accepted and became saint. Both live at the tomb to take their last breath in Anjar. Day  today living tomb near the tomb distance of 5, however, so it attracts distance of about two feet to the foot of the cenotaph at this point. Day by day many pilgrims on their daily pilgrimage to the tomb visit It is said that “Toral swimming nar tariya, sasatiyo to sadhir, jesal jagno chorto, it Palma kidho peer“.

Popular Jesal Toral Shravan Vad satam (Hindu calendar) of Anjar town fairs for thousands of people held in the month of August, lovers of honor just to accumulate here. A jesal  Toral forty km distance to the city of Bhuj live trance.


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