Gangeshwar Temple

Diu, Daman and Diu





The gentle sea waves offering their obeisance to the "Shiva Lingas" in stone have a mystic aura around them in the cave temple of Gangeshwar where the Lord makes his presence felt.

The Gangeshwar Temple has five well-defined lingas that are worshiped by the devotees. It is a well maintained notion of the people that these shiva lingas were established by the five Pandava brothers of the great epic Mahabharata during their anonymous stay in the jungle when they were banished for 12 years from their kingdom Hastinapur.

The Gangeshwar Temple in Gujarat is worth visiting as it will unravel the beauty of nature as well as the interesting stories of the past. When you pay your visit to the Gangeshwar Temple located in Gujarat you will understand and explore the beauty and significance of Gangeshwar Temple of Gujarat.

Standing near the Gangeshwar Temple you can here the roaring sound of the sea and the chirping of the birds. The Gangeshwar Temple in Gujarat is laid in a serene atmosphere and you will experience a peaceful ambiance with the sea breeze kissing your face while enjoying the beauty of nature as well as unraveling the history of the past from the tourist guide who is there to tell you the story behind the establishment of the Gangeshwar Temple of Gujarat.




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