Leisure Valley

Chandigarh, Chandigarh





Leisure Valley is a linear park structure around the city. It is over 8 km in length and is divided into a number of sub-divisions of smaller parks. Leisure Valley and all its sub-divisions were designed by the talented Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier. Huge canopied and evergreen trees form the basic landscape here, along with small shrubs and flowers. The park is best suited for a relaxing stroll and horse riding activities.

The architect of Chandigarh City, Le Corbusier could foresee how the parks and gardens around the city could maintain the originality and serenity of the city. What Le Corbusier could foresee has become reality and Leisure Valley Chandigarh has been developed over an area of 20,000 acres of the land that covers parks and gardens around the city.These chains of parks and gardens together around the city looks like a garland and are known as the Leisure Valley of Chandigarh. The entire area is stretched over an area of 8 kilometers and it starts from Sector 1 in the north and ends at the South of the city in sector 53. Each of these parks is given special name signifying the special characteristics they display to the viewers.

Location Of Leisure Valley

Spread over a large area, Leisure valley is one of the most beautiful and sought after tourist spots located in Chandigarh City. This valley boasts chain of theme parks that starts from Rajendra Park located in Sector 1 and going through the entire city of Chandigarh, ends in the Sector 53. Important things to see in this leisure valley are walkways, exotic flora, theme parks, fitness trials, musical fountains, and sculptures.

Best Time to Visit:
This valley is good to visit during the months of February and March when the flowers bloom to add glory to this location. This is ideal time to enjoy several annual shows including the festival of Gardens.
The popular Chandigarh Carnival is a three day burlesque celebrated annually during this season. This cultural celebration is celebrated inside the Leisure Valley premises aimed to promote talents of younger generation.

This valley can be best enjoyed during early morning when the fresh air arrives with chirping birds together with sun rise. The area will be over crowded during rainy season.


The Leisure Valley is open to public both day and night to enjoy this beautiful landscape in the presence of sun and moon.


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