Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary

Begusarai, Bihar

#Nature and Scenic




The Kanwar Taal or Kabar Taal Lake located in Begusarai district of Bihar, India, is Asia's largest freshwater oxbow lake. It is approximately three times the size of the Bharatpur Sanctuary.

Located in the Begusarai, Bihar in India, Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary is less popular bird sanctuary among tourists. Kanwar Lake is the largest freshwater Oxbow lake in Asia around three times the size of famous Bharatpur Sanctuary in Rajasthan.

Even though Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary is less popular among tourists, it is a ideal destination for birdwatching. There are around 106 species of birds at the Kanwar Lake. During winter, which is the best time to travel Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary, around 60 migratory birds come to the park from Central Asia.

Since Kanwar Lake is one of the quietest bird sanctuary in India with pretty less tourist activity, the place is ideal for bird watching and photography. 

At the Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary tourists will come across several species of birds that includes Oriental White-backed Vulture, Long-billed Vulture, Greater Adjutant, Greater Spotted Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Sarus Crane, Darter Anhinga, Painted Stork and Black-bellied Tern.


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