Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple

Bodh Gaya, Bihar





Japanese temple of Bodhgaya is built on the pattern of an ancient Japanese wooden Temple and it seems to present a natural beauty without any artificial decoration and design. Interior of the Temple wall depicts paintings connected with some of the important events of the life of the Buddha.

Near the giant Buddha Statue in the Thai Temple Complex is the Idosun Nippon Japanese Temple. This is a typical Japanese Temple which was made quite a few years ago but has recently opened up for the public. The temple posses very authentic, minimal designs like many other Japanes temples. There is a huge, 80 ft idol of Lord Buddha inside the temple and from outside it looks nothing but a nice, Japanese mansion and nothing more.

There are a number of temples close to the Mahabodhi Tree and this is one of those. All of these are equally beautiful and has a unique charm. Make sure that you have enough time in your hands to explore all of these.


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