Janardana Temple

Guwahati, Assam





Lord Vishnu is well known as Lord Janardana. It is also believed that Lord Buddha is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In state of Assam, there is an ancient temple, which represents the perfect fusion of Buddhism and Hinduism, through its architectural styles and spiritual attributes. As per local belief, Lord Janardana once defeated a jana, the demon Raja Bali in the guise of Vamana at this place, to save the people from the asuras. From then onwards, this place came to be known as Janardana tirtha. Later, a temple was constructed here, which also became popular as Janardana Temple, Guwahati. Presently, this temple houses an idol of Lord Buddha in its main hall as the presiding deity and is worshipped as Lord Janardana in this temple.

Almost all the temples in Guwahati are situated on hillocks and so is the case with the Janardana Temple. This magnificent temple is also sited on the huge hillock named the Shukleshwar hillocks just in proximity to the ShukhleshwarGhat, the Brahmaputra River. In this Janardana Temple, Lord Buddha is worshipped and you can see an attractive idol of the same. This temple sets the best example of the perfect mingle of the two architectural styles – Hinduism and Buddhism. One can click the most beautiful pictures of their lifetime just by standing at this striking temple. 


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