Orange orchards

Aalo, Arunachal Pradesh

#Nature and Scenic




The specialty of Aalo is mainly the orange orchards and most of the locals earn their living through orange farming. Another interesting thing you should see when you are there is the Patum Bridge, a hanging bridge.

Aalo, which is situated in the West Siang  of Arunachal Pradesh may not be very well-known tourist destination but it is definitely worth visiting. It is located about 220 kilometres from Likabali, which is at the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

The local market is worth visiting as is owned by the local women who sell homegrown vegetables and fruits. Another thing that may catch your eyes are the dried squirrels and rats that are being sold as they are considered a delicacy.

Getting There

Aalo has good road network, there are regular buses from Itanagar. Alternately, you can take the Pasighat to Aalo route which takes around 5 hours by bus. You can also hop on a bus from Moying which will take around 6.5 hours to reach Aalo.

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