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Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

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Arunachal Pradesh has a rich tradition of Bamboo and Cane Handicrafts and also Wood Carving and Carpet Weaving. The products reflect the rich and varied culture of the tribes inhabiting this enchanting State and the products featured are representative of the wide range of Handicrafts produced in the State.

Handloom forms an integral part of the culture and tradition, which is reflected in the State's apparels. Some of these are unique Handloom products in artists weaving and design. Most of the Women folk of the state have been engaged in Handloom sector treated as primary occupation. A wide variety of crafts such as weaving painting, pottery, smithy work, basketry, woodcarving etc. are found among the people of Arunachal Pradesh.

Wood Carving

The unique, and artistic indigenous wood carving articles are available of Tirap, Upper & West Siang, Lohit and Tawang.

  1. It is practiced by very limited artisans / craftsman of the above mentioned districts, both passed out trainees form the Deptt. Craft center as well as traditional artisans.
  2. The main raw-materials used are locally available wood.
  3. Traditional Male and Female Wooden figure are depicted as main subject, warriors / head hunters are popular in Tirap District Wood Carving, originally such wood carvings were used to decorate "MORANG" (Youths Dormitory ) & modernized as decorative collection items where as different types of Wooden Musk and goddess figure are depicted as main subject considering the cultural & religious value, which are popular in the district of Upper and East Siang , Lohit & Tawang.
  4. Mother and Child - Wooden Carving 
  5. Being promoted through Govt. Craft Centres with provision for training. Passed out trainees are engaged as production worker in departmental promotional schemes.

Traditional Ornament Products

Beads ornaments of various types are found in all over Arunachal Pradesh . However weaving or decorating small beads ornament are predominatory found in Tirap District. The unique beads ornaments and grass necklece products are mainly available in Tirap & Changlang districts which signify higher cultural and Traditional value.

  1. The Beads ornaments making practiced by women folk , the main raw-material used in "GRASS BEADS" of very higher quality normally imported from other country .
  2. All type of ornaments viz. Necklace Wrist band, Waist band , Head gear, earring are made with beautiful geometrical pattern used both by male and female.
  3. Being promoted through Govt. Craft Centres while provision for training and passed out trainees are engaged as production worker.

"GRASS NECKLACE" making practiced by female folk of Wangcho tribe of Tirap District. The main raw-material used in a kind of reed , grown near stream and river side during September to February. The skin of the reed is of golden colour when the plant is natured . This trade is a seasonal activities and not yet covered under Govt. programme except production scheme. A good demand exists for this items both in national and international market.

Traditional Wangcho Bag
Practiced by women folk of Wangcho tribe of Tirap District. Major raw material is cotton yarn and acrylic yarn purchased from market, combinedly wooven in a colourful geometrical pattern. It is popular for its durability, intricate design, colour and weave like carpet . The weavers are being engaged now to produce more of such items with modified design and different utility like ladies and gents waist coat , dress etc.

Cane & Bamboo

The traditional Cane Bamboo product are mainly available in the Districts of East Kameng. Papumpare, Changlang, Upper and Lower Subansiri, East and West Siang, Lohit and Dibang Valley which represents high premium on design, quality, local technology and focus cultural indentity. The famous cane cap & head gear are available for different tribe of the State. While carrying Basket, Marketing Basket, varieties of design & utility product viz. Cane chair, Cane Table, Cane Racks, Cane Cradle, Cane Murrah , Designer Cane Tray etc. available in different marketing outlet in the State as well as out side the State.


The carpet making is one of the important occupation in the districts of Tawang, West Kameng, Changlang, Upper Siang. The women folk are engaged in this trade. The Arunachal Pradesh’s carpet has been acclaimed to be of National & International repute by considering the quality of carpet weaving in different motive and design. The items produced are wall hanging , cushion pad, telephone pad, floor covering etc. These are being promoted through Govt. Craft Centre with provision for training. Passed out trainees are engaged as production worker in the industry.

Tangkha painting in one of the most artistic craft, it is prevalent mainly in Buddhist dominated area like Tawang, West kameng, Upper Siang Districts. The motif of the painting is mostly religious subject along with traditional value.

Arunachal Pradesh can be called store House of Handloom designs as its 20 major tribes and more then 100 sub-tribes has got unique and appealing Handloom designs. The products are , Skirt (Gale), Shirt (Galuk) , cotton shawl, side bag, curtain cloth etc, in different pricing pattern according to the quality, traditional value, motive and design.


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