Kadalivanam Caves

Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh

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This is a huge cave like natural rock shelter which can accommodate nearly 500 persons comfortably. Near the rock shelter flows a stream and evidences of stone age man in the form of stone tools were discovered.

Located at a distance of approximately 22 km from Srisailam, Kadalivanam Caves is a must visit for those who are looking for some adventure on their Srisailam tour.

Holding immense religious significance, these caves has been mentioned in various ancient texts as well. For instance, in Skanda Purana, Shiva Bhaktha vijayam and other Hindu texts related to Lord Shiva have mentioned Kadalivanam. As per legends, ardent devotees of Lord Shiva like Akka Mahadevi and Allama Prabhu have meditated at this place. It is also believed that an incarnation of Guru Dattatreya swamy, Guru Dattatreya swamy also took leave of this world at this place. He was said to have disappeared after coming here.

To reach Kadalivanam Caves, you have to trek from Akka Mahadevi Caves. These caves can be reached via A.P. Tourism Motor Boat. After reaching the caves, you have to walk on a footpath, which leads to the caves. You are required to walk for around 12 km to reach the kadalivanam caves.

The path makes for an exciting trekking opportunity hence it attracts not only devotees but also adventure enthusiasts. As the trek is via mountains, the natural beauty of surrounding areas makes the trek all the more memorable.

Once at the caves, the tranquility of the surrounding and the godliness of these caves will offer peace that is unmatched to any. the scenic beauty is equally enchanting. Kadalivanam caves are spread over a huge area that can accommodate around 500 people easily.


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