Horsley Hills

Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

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Horsley Hills or Horsleykonda is a series of hills in Andhra Pradesh in Madanapalle taluk of Chittoor district and is about 9 miles from Madanapalle town.

The famous hill resort of Andhra Pradesh, Horsley Hills is an enthralling, charming little hill station. It is a beautiful summer resort with luxurious vegetation and rich fauna. Named after WD Horsley, the then collector of Kadapa District, these hills are situated at an altitude of 1,265m from the sea-level. It is said that WD Horsley built himself a bungalow to escape the heat waves from the plains during summer. 


About 50kms from Horsley hills, towards Madanapalle, there is Gurramkonda. It's a fort said to be built by the Golconda Sultans and stands about 500 feet high. The three sides of the fort consist of perpendicular cliffs. Some local legend has it that the name was derived from the fact that a horse was guarding the fort and that place was unconquerable so long as the horse remained there. It makes a beautiful place to visit.

Flora and fauna

The native vegetation of the area has been replaced in some parts with dense growths of eucalyptus and plantations of exotic trees. In the past the area had more wildlife including Sambar deer (now reintroduced into the wild), wild boar and sloth bear. More than 133 species of birds have been recorded from the area and these include the endemic Yellow-throated bulbul, first recorded from the area in 1908. Other birds which are rare in the surrounding region include the black eagle and the white-rumped shama. The endemic toad Duttaphrynus hololius has been found here and a ground orchid Diplocentrum recurvum was rediscovered here after nearly a century. Several species of lichen have also been documented from the region.

Other Attractions
• Environmental Park
• Gaali banda/Wind rock
• View point
• Rishi Valley School 
• Kalyani tree
• Lake Gangotri and Mansarovar
• World's largest Banyan tree, Thimmamma Marrimanu


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