Kailasakona Waterfalls

Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

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Kailasanatha Kona is located in Narayanavanam Mandal, Chittor District, Andhra Pradesh. Kailasantha Kona is well known as a Kaliasa Kona.

Kailasanatha Kona is located in Narayanavanam Mandal, Chittor District, Andhra Pradesh. Kailasantha Kona is well known as a Kaliasa Kona. Delightful waterfalls are the main asset of this place, which are rich in minerals and possess medicinal powers for human body. A temple of Lord Shiva and Parvathi is seen nearby. This waterfall is having a height of around 40 feet. The specialty of the falls is that, there is water all through the year.


Narayanavanam is the place where Lord Venkateswara married Sri Padmavathi. This marriage happened under control of Lord Shiva for three months. To take care for this responsibility Lord Shiva was in the Narayanavanam for a complete day and Lord Shiva has chosen one place like a Kailasam nearby to stay the complete night. That place is Kailasakona which is located with waterfalls and peaceful nature.


KailasaKona is the one of the finest places to trip for one day, to stay for complete night too. One will find Narayanavanam Kalyana Venkateswara Temple, Ramgiri Temple, Nagalapuram Vedanarayana temple, Surutupalli Shiva temple. Haritha Resorts managed by Govt of AP and private rooms were available in the place.

There are 3 falls here. Apart from the main falls near the temple of Lord Shiva and Parvathi, there are two smaller falls with a height of approximately 4 to 6 feet, halfway through the main road to the main falls. These two smaller fall waters fells into small ponds. One can take a bath here. There is no paved roads to these two falls. You need to walk around half a kilometer to reach the first fall, which on the ground level. To go to the second fall, one needs to climb a small hill, through the right side of the first fall. The entry to both these falls are from the first major right turn, while coming from the main road. Avoid going to these falls at night.

How to reach

Kailasakona Falls or Kone Falls is situated on the Uttukottai - Puttur - Tirupathi road. The main falls can be easily reached by car. There is ample space for more than 10 cars to be parked at the car parking. From the car parking, the main falls can be reached by 3 to 5 minutes walk, through well laid steps. This path is illuminated at night.

Kailasakona is located on the National Highway 40 of Kadapa to Chennai.

How to reach from Tirupathi Tirupathi to Kailasakona would be 44 km. Bus or train transport is available from respective stations.

Bus route: Tirupathi to Satyavedu and need to get off at Kalisakona road stop to reach.

Train route: Tirupathi to Puttur and reach Puttur bus stop for direct buses and other alternatives.

How to reach from Chennai Chennai to Kailasakona would be 70 km. Train transport is available from respective stations.

Bus route: Chennai to Tiruapthi or Chennai to Puttur and need to get off at Kalisakona road stop to reach.

Train route: Chennai to Puttur and reach Puttur bus stop for direct buses and other alternatives.


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