Kaala Pathar Beach

Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands





Kala Pathar beach is located on Havelock Island and derives its name from the Kala Pathar village located nearby and the black rocks (known as Kala Pathar in Hindi) that are found in abundance on the beach.

Tourists mainly come to Havelock Island to visit the famous Radhanagar Beach, but if you choose to come to Kala Pathar Beach you would not be disappointed for sure. The beach is a perfect place to chill and relax and enjoy some breathtaking views.


Things to Do On Kala Pathar Beach
If are looking for some solitude in a place of extraordinary natural beauty then Kala Pathar Beach is the place to be. Unlike its famous cousin, the Radhanagar Beach, Kala Pathar Beach is not so popular among tourists and hence it is relatively less crowded. But don’t be mistaken by its relatively less popularity; its white sand, turquoise blue waters and serenity will leave you mesmerized. The water here is very clean and beautiful and you can easily see varying shades of blue. In case you are interested in photography, this a perfect place to get those scenic, picture-perfect shots. The beach offers beautiful views of sunrise and sunset.

The beach is full of dead corals and hence it is not too suitable for swimming. Be careful while entering waters at the Kala Pathar Beach as the rocks here are sharp and there are strong currents beyond. It is advisable to wear footwear before entering waters.

Make sure that you walk the entire length of the beach; you will definitely come across lots of sea shell and conches. You can collect them as souvenirs.

How to Reach
There is regular boat service from Port Blair to Havelock Island. On reaching the island you can hire a cab or rent a motorcycle and drive to the beach. The drive to the beach is very beautiful and has a tropical feel to it.


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