Karmatang Beach

Mayabunder, Andaman and Nicobar Islands





The Beach has a broad view that is supplemented by the climate and regular excellence that encompasses it. Karmatang Beach is best known for its tranquil appearance. You will likewise discover lavish green waterfront vegetation that incorporates this sandy Beach. Really one of the finest Beach to loosen up.

The Beach is an ideal area for a night excursion and to host a little Beach get-together. There are a few little hovels that one can sit in amid downpours or when needs some shade. The water isn't perfect as the sand isn't dim dark colored sand and subsequently the shade of the water is additionally similar to the sand yet you would most likely appreciate the stroll on the beach.

Be careful with the sand flies as with the nightfall, one can really feel the assault of the sand flies. so it is smarter to convey a hostile to mosquito cream. This place gives a chance to go out for a stroll in the nature's lap; appreciate the cool wind and have a decent night or a morning or rather whenever of the day.

In the event that you come to Karmatang Beach, Mayabunder, convey a book with you, for there are many seats at the Beach that give an ideal setting to a night read. There is likewise a little cottage worked at the Beach that gives sublime perspective of the ocean and makes the Beach a perfect place for a night get together.


How to Reach

The Karmatang Beach is 240 kms far away from Port Blair by street and 136 kilometers via sea. Port Blair is connected to Chennai, Vizag and Kolkata by daily flights. Regular ships also ply between Chennai and Kolkata to Port Blair 3-4 times every week. The beach can also be accessed from Port Blair via the Grand Andaman Trunk Road. The closest city associated with Karmatang Beach is Mayabunder at a distance of 10 KM. Boats, ships, and STS transports handle from Port Blair at consistent interims for Mayabunder. A taxi can be procured from that point to Karmatang Beach which is at a separation of 20 minutes.

Where to Stay?

Settlement isn't an issue as inns, private houses, investigation lodges are up for snatches that with reasonable spending plans. Open to hotel at moderate is likewise accessible by The Andaman and Nicobar Administration. There are just a set number of family get-away Beach resorts, lodgings, withdraws, summer homes, estates and in addition Beach houses. In any case, that suffices. Some famous names incorporate Hotel Ashna and Guest House at Mayabunder. There are different other visitor houses accessible in Port Blair, Rangat, Havelock, and Diglipur.

Things to do

The delightful Beach of Karmatang is a close ideal goal for couples who wish to get to know one another. The Beach offers full security to its travelers. Furthermore, remaining at the Beach for a little excursion isn't an issue for various inns and visitor houses are accessible close to the Karmatang Beach. There are various different exercises that draws in the sightseers to the Beach.

  • Turtle Nesting Farm: The Beach is outstanding for its turtle settling ranch. The place additionally has a guest's mind boggling.
  • Boating: The steamer watercraft ride from Mayabunder to Karmatang Beach is an unquestionable requirement improve the situation every guest. The steamer goes through the thick mangrove rivulets and offers a dynamite common view worth catching.
  • Beach Party: The delightful, clean, and green shoreline is reasonable for a little social gathering or a shoreline party. Various little resting cabins are accessible too where the guests can sit amid stormy or bright atmosphere.
  • Swimming and Other Adventure Sports: From Karmatang Beach, the guests can likewise plan to trek between Mount Harriet and Madhuban shoreline. Mt. Harriet is the most elevated top in Andaman. A trail from the mountain comes to the excellent and not too bad Beach of Madhuban, which is utilized for preparing the elephants. The 16 km trek offers an open door for woodland and natural life investigation.


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