Buxa Tiger reserve, West Bengal

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Lepchakha is a small Drukpa village on a hilltop inside the Buxa Tiger reserve. The village is located close to Bhutan, the areal distance not being more than 2 to 3 kms. There is a boarder outpost of the security agencies here. The village has a very small population of about a hundred people.

The main attraction of Lepchakha is the view from the hilltop. There is a large ground where you can seat on a bench and be mesmerised by the view of Dooars in front. Almost the entire Buxa forest area is visible from here including every nook and corner. As many as seven rivers flowing through the Buxa forest can be seen from here. To your extreme left you can see river Sankosh followed by River Raidak, Jayanti, Bala and others. You can see Alipurduar town, Jayanti riverbed, Santalabari and the entire green cover in front of you. Turn around and behind you are the hills of Mahakal, Chuna bhatti and Rovers point which together makes for a great trek.

People of the village are also very unique. The Drukpa people are the original inhabitant of the place. These people are Bhutanese in origin and have unique culture different from the Nepalese who dominate lower part of the hills. The architecture of the Drukpa house is also unique.



A clear history of the area is not available but the area was mostly under Bhuntan’s Pasakha region. There were conflicts between the king of Bhutan and the Cooch king of the plains over the area. Eventually in 1865 after the Duars war between British India and Bhutan, an agreement named as Sinchula Agreement was signed. Under this agreement the Buxa area came under British occupation. The Pasakha area came to be known as Buxa and the Pasakha Dzong became Buxa fort.


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