Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary

Roa, Tripura





The Rowa Wildlife National Park, situated in the north of the district, can be approached from Panisagar and is adjacent to the National Highway. Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary in Tripura is a small wildlife sanctuary covering an area of 85'85 hectares and it is one of the few remains of the natural forests left.

This National Park is easily accessible to the tourists from all around. Rowa Wildlife National Park provides plenty of scope for study by the botanists, ecologists, environmentalist and students of wildlife system.

Tripura National Park tour of Rowa Wildlife encounter you with more than 150 species of birds, wild beasts and primates. The sanctuary with bountiful of forest reserves, including both botanical and zoological is worth a visit. It is the most ideal destination for the tourists, who are more inclined towards eco-tourism. The forest is rich with a large number of economic plants such as medicinal & aromatic, treat fodders, fruit producing trees, oil-seed producing trees, spices & orchids and other ornamental plants.


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