Makalidurga Trek

Makalidurga, Karnataka

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Makalidurga is located about 60 km from Bangalore, and takes just short of two hours to reach the place. The best way to reach Makalidurga from Bangalore is to take the train from Yesvantpur Junction, which leaves at 08:15 hours. Makalidurga has a very small station and the train passing through the hills is an enchanting sight indeed.

However, if you are not too comfortable taking the short train journey, you could always take a bus or drive to the destination yourself. You have to reach Doddaballapur from Bangalore, which is about 35 km away, and then ask directions to Makalidurga from the locals out there. Makalidurga is situated at about 15 km from Doddaballapur, and it should take about half an hour to reach the destination.

The adventure that lies ahead of you

As you reach Makalidurga, you are stunned by the stillness of the place. There are hardly any people around, which is a partly eerie and a partly exciting experience. There are hardly any shops or hawkers around either. That’s why, you are best advised to carry loads of food and water while coming for a day outing in Makalidurga.

The highlight of the destination is the Makalidurga fort which lies atop a granite hillock. While the trekking trail here may not be as popular as that of Savandurga, it is nevertheless worth the experience. And the best part is, you won’t find the trek to the top of the hillock too taxing.

It is a moderately difficult trek, and with some effort, you can easily climb the barren rocks and boulders. There are some directions written too on the boulders itself which you would do well to follow. The top of the hill gets you face to face with the ruins of a fort, which is spread across quite an area.

The view you get here of the lake which is located just a few km away from the destination is fascinating. And while at the top, don’t miss out on catching a sight of the train meandering through the hills at the bottom of the hill. The sight is definitely worthy of being caught in your camera.

Other than the fascinating views and the trek to the top of the hillock, there is little else you can do here, other than a small temple located at the base of the hill.

But for those willing, there is night trekking too

If you are daring enough, night trekking in Makalidurga is an experience not to be missed. While the place is still during the day, it is more so during the night, which is sure to send a chill down your spine. The trek to the top of the hill takes about 2 hours, which means you could easily start at 10 at night, camp for a while at the top of the hill and then make your way down by 5 in the morning.

If you decide to take the night trek in Makalidurga, make sure you have a professional guide with you, a torch, as well as a mosquito repellant. And do carry sufficient food and water with you, as finding a shop here at night is the same as the sun rising from the West.

Best time for trekking here

The cooler months of September to February are the best time to trek in Makalidurga. It can get very hot in summers, and should be avoided. The rainy months make the granite rocks very slippery and dangerous, and you do well to avoid them too.


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