Jetty Garden

Daman, Daman and Diu





Jetty Garden is located in Moti Daman, along the banks of Daman Ganga River. This tourist spot is famous for its attractive fountains, fun rides, lawns, river facing seats and large picnic space.

Daman Jetty Garden is situated on the shores of the Daman Ganga River near Jetty, Moti Daman. It is around 2 kms from the taxi stand. To reach here you can also take auto rickshaws from Nani Daman Taxi Stand to Nani Daman Jetty. Or else you can also embark on a boat ride from Nani Daman Jetty which involves two minutes journey.

The Jetty Garden in Daman is very elegantly and tastefully designed. Sitting at the stunning bank of Daman Ganga River, this attractive garden holds the attention of the onlookers with its exotic arrangements that essentially comprise of beautiful fountains, seats facing the sparkling river and well laid out lawns.

The Daman Jetty Garden is indeed the best of all the gardens to bask in leisure stroll and enjoy evening to the maximum. For children it has amazing fun rides that keep them busy all through the day. For you it has landscaped expanse that not only will soothe your eyes but soul too. It is a perfect gateway for all the age group to expect wonderful moments during vacations in Daman.


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