Navagraha Temple

Guwahati, Assam





The Navagraha Temple is found on the top of Chitrasal Hill (or Navagraha Hill), in Guwahati city, Assam, India. Enshrined in this temple are nine Shivalingams, representing the nine Celestial bodies, each covered with a colored garment symbolic of each of the celestial bodies, with a Shivaligam in the centre symbolising the Sun. The Navagraha temple was built by Ahom King Rajeswar Singha in the late 18th century. It has been renovated in recent times during the late 1923-45.

The Navagraha Temple is mainly famous for its religious implication. There are other places nearby which can attract the interest of the travelers. Kamakhya Temple on the top of the Nilachal Hill is one of the top draws nearby. There is also the temple of Bhuvaneswari, which can be visited. The Guwahati Zoo is not too far away, either.

It is quite easy to get to the Navagraha Temple, as it is quite close to the city of Guwahati, and there are regular services of bus and taxi.

The place, situated in the sub tropical area, can be unbearably hot during the high summer months. Also, during the rainy seasons, incessant rains can ruin the chances of visiting this place of interest. Therefore, the best time to visit the place is late autumn to spring, especially in the months of November, December, February and March.


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