Khatara Satra

Mangaldai, Assam

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Satras are similar to monasteries and unique about Assam. Satras were conceived & founded by Sankardeva and then by his followers. Not only the Bhagawatee Baishnav religion was practiced here, but also many types of art forms were & being nourished, known as the Satriyaa Art - a characteristic stream in Assamese culture.

One of the oldest satra to visit in Darrang district is khatara satra. This is one of the famous religious places to visit in this region. This satra is located in dilpia. This is about 22 km from mangaldai. You can find lot of devotees often visits to these satra for making prayers and such other religious rituals. The calm and peaceful environments all around of this satra is the perfect place for attaining spiritual peace. The major attraction of this satra is the religious rituals which performed in each day morning and evening. The architecture of this satra is very beautiful and depicts fine quality of engineering. The carvings on the wall of this satra depict some messages from some epics. When you are in Darrang district then you should visit this satra.  


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